At Sparkylocal, we specialise in carrying out Fixed Wire Testing, also known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). Our services are available at competitive prices for commercial and residential property owners.

What is our EICR test service?

EICR, or Fixed Wire Testing, has been one of our core services for more than 20 years. We have developed high-quality techniques and systems that set us apart from our competitors.

EICR test is the inspection and testing of electrical installations to make sure it is safe and compliant with the electrical safety standards in the UK. Once the test is complete, we offer our customers an updated Electrical Installation Condition Report. The report contains details about defects, if any and the subsequent remedial works required. In the absence of this test, domestic and commercial property owners are putting electrical safety at risk. Financial penalties might be imposed on such property owners.

Our fixed wire testing engineers are trained, knowledgeable and experts in spotting hazards within your electrical system. The areas of testing include the main supply point, light fittings, sockets and other writing accessories. Since we work with a team of electricians and engineers with the NICEIC certificate, you can count on us to help you every step of the way.

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What is an EICR certificate?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report or Fixed Wire Inspection and Test is a legal requirement for every UK building and workplace as stipulated in the Electrical Work Regulations 1989. The British Standards BS 7671 18th Edition recommends that every electrical installation is subject to regular EICR test and inspections.

Regardless of the age of the electrical installation, they must be under regular inspections and testing to ensure they are in a safe condition. These electrical installations must be tested by qualified personnel, such as Sparkylocal engineers.

Since electrical wiring, circuits, sockets, mains panels and distribution boards are subject to damage and deterioration, they must be tested and inspected periodically. The inspections may involve visual and electronic procedures to make sure you are compliant with the laws and regulations. All the findings of the inspection and the possible repairs and fixes are mentioned in the EICR report. Our technicians can even help you with the repairs and other necessary electrical services.

What is included in our EICR test service?

  • NICEIC-approved Fixed Wire Testing in accordance with British Standards and other relevant electrical regulations in the UK
  • A thorough and complete inspection and test of your electrical installations at your domestic or commercial property
  • Engineers can test during normal working hours, weekends, evenings or nights, depending on your preferred time
  • Detailed and bespoke EICR test, outlining circuit descriptions
  • Immediate quotation for C1, C2 and C3 remedial work
  • Dedicated contract manager and highly competitive local rates
  • NICEIC certificate
  • Access to detailed reports and results of the test

Who needs our EICR testing service?

The primary focus of our Electrical Installation Condition Report service is user safety and the safety of electrical equipment used. The report is suitable for a wide range of settings.

For instance, if you are a landlord, you are required by law to have electrical installations in properties inspected and tested by competent and qualified engineers every five years. The same goes for commercial property owners. Periodic testing and maintenance of electrical installations in offices of all sizes is essential as it is an important step toward safeguarding employees, staff and everyone in the building.

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Domestic homes also require this test as it is essential to check the condition of the electrical installations. If the home has a swimming pool, the recommended interval between an EICR is one year.

So, whether you are the owner of several rental properties, running a company or want to safeguard the residents of your domestic home, reach out to Sparkylocal. Our competent and qualified engineers will inspect your electrical installations and offer you a detailed EICR report. If any minor or major electrical repairs are required, our trained electricians will handle that as well.

If you require an electrical inspection or want to check whether you are compliant with the rules and regulations, Sparkylocal is only a phone call away. We will provide you with an obligation-free quote and work around your schedule, causing minimal disruptions.